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Melvin Hale

Big Bear Village, c.1950

Big Bear Village, c.1950

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The artist grew up at the foot of Big Bear Mountain in San Bernardino. It’s a long winding and somewhat treacherous road to get to the Village, but it’s a great place to hang out to escape the hot summer weather in the valley. Because he owned a car, a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville coupe, as soon as he was legally able to drive, the trip to Big Bear Lake, and Lake Arrowhead Village along the way, was a frequent trip he made with friends. The colorized piece was created from two postcards, allowing the artist to make the image slightly wider on the right.

I digitize old black and white photos and create color compositions; digital paintings. It's more than simply colorizing. I strive to create art; a visual gateway to the past, but in a new and different way. This all started in 2006 in Palm Springs where I had an art gallery. Street scenes from black and white postcards were the most popular and have won the most awards. Two examples are Chi Chi and Cubana and Radio City - Hollywoodland. I love doing people too, as you can tell.

My work has been featured in hardcopy magazines such as Art, Business, News (2008) and SacTown Magazine (2021). 

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