Pix2Canvas Now Has a Live Preview Feature

Pix2Canvas Now Has a Live Preview Feature

Pix2Canvas is pleased to announce a new feature that allows you to preview any image on the site in a home or business setting. If you ever wanted to see what a work of art might look like on your own wall, you can upload a photo of your own walls and get a much better idea of how it will look in your home or business. It's very easy to use, and frankly, it's a game changer.

When you click on an image on this site, look for the Live Preview banner in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It might take a second or two to appear. Click on that, and you will see several sample walls, and a button for uploading a picture of your own, which you can then save to your computer for future reference. Just be aware that the app will not save your wall after you leave that screen. So have some fun playing with something really useful. Live previews!

Live Preview button 

Sample images:


 The Live Preview controls are located at various places on the background.


 The slider control on the upper left corner controls visibility of the other controls so you can hide then when you want to view the image without distraction. The slider on the right side controls the size of the image you have brought to the background. You can make it smaller or larger. To move the image around on the background, click and hold the left mouse button. The settings button on the lower left opens a small menu that allows you to turn the image sideways and to choose how to level it. These are very useful when situating an image on a wall that is angled.

There are several boxes lined up towards the lower right of the background. These are the standard backgrounds that are included in the program. You have living room backgrounds, bedrooms, blank walls and other hopefully interesting and useful backgrounds. However, you can upload a background of your own wall using the upload button at the lower right. You can also print the background with the image on it, or save it to your device.

 More to come...

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