COLORIZING EXAMPLE - The Sunset Strip Hollywood

COLORIZING EXAMPLE - The Sunset Strip Hollywood

Real Photo Postcard (RPPC)



The photo is scanned at high resolution and reimagined in color using Photoshop. This involves very detailed deconstruction and reconstruction at the pixel level. Colorized objects are traced and digitally cut out, colorized, and the myriad pieces are reassembled. Objects may be subtracted or added or modified. Detailed pieces like the "Sunset Strip" can easily take 80 to 100 hours to complete. They are then printed on an Epson wide-format printer. Each print is numbered and hand-signed. One original is produced. Stretched canvas artwork has provenance information printed on the back. Canvas and inks are archival quality, guaranteed not to fade under normal indoor use.

Dr. Hale has won numerous awards for his ground-breaking artwork, and has been featured in industry and popular magazines. His doctorate, earned at UCLA, defended a theory of visual cognition derived from his artistic methods. That method is called KBI for "Know," "Believe," "Imagine." Each color composition is a product of "known colors," probable colors, and imagined colors. These represent three states of mind involved in processing visual information...and it occurs virtually at the speed of light. The word "photo" literally means light, and a photograph is a drawing (graph) produced by light.

Now art. That is something else. Because most art is produced on demand, your art is produced to your specification, in the size you want and the framing options you choose.

The "Sunset Strip" Original was produced as a 24"x50" as a gallery wrap on wide 1 1/2" deluxe stretcher bars. The pictures below show it displayed on an easel, front and back.

From the side:

Information printed on the back:

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