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California Chromes

BROADWAY SMOKE SHOP -Burlingame, California 1950s

BROADWAY SMOKE SHOP -Burlingame, California 1950s

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Broadway Smoke Shop and Z's Restaurant. In Broadway Burlingame at the intersection of California Drive and Broadway. Z's meals are reasonable. Buy your favorite cigar, tobacco or cigarettes or latest paper at the Broadway Smoke Shop.

BROADWAY SMOKE SHOP, Burlingame - Image digitally restored and printed using fine art-level media. Media includes canvas, metal, and fabric.

Look for the red Live Preview banner in the lower right hand corner of this screen. It might take a second or two to appear. Click on that, and you can manipulate this image on ten sample walls, or even on a photo of your own wall! Directions on How to use the Live Preview are available here. Have fun playing with something really useful.

Sizes are approximate. Click here to see a digital restoration example.

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