Collection: ArtistLA

Van Der Zee Reimagined

Photog: James Van Der Zee

Artist: Melvin Hale, Ph.D.


Award-winning digital artist Melvin Hale, Ph.D. creates colorful artistic compositions from black and white photos. It's one thing to stage vintage cars and people in modern vintage scenery, but an entirely different thing to bring an actual vintage image to life in living color that earns awards in juried art competitions.

In 2006 Hale defined a rigorous method for creating realistic color compositions involving what he knows from the historical record, believes is plausible for the period, and otherwise falls to unbounded imagination (KBI). Hale earned his doctorate at UCLA in 2014 by defending KBI as a theory of visual cognition, essentially the three states of mind involved in processing visual stimulus.

Imagine that. Science from Art. Art from the Archives.

Vintage - Like You've Never Seen It!